Auxiliary Verb Modal Can Could

Auxiliary Modal

      Auxiliary Verb Modal Can Could. Auxiliary verbs always precede main verbs within a verb phrase. Auxiliaries are also known as helping verbs because they are needed to form many of the tenses. The words can be said as auxiliary if there is main verb in a sentence. The most word used as auxiliary verbs are to be, to do, to have and modals. And Insya Allah I will share all kinds of auxiliaries in some posting. read more

Recreation to Maharani Cave

Maharani Cave

       Recreation to Maharani Cave. Have a nice meeting again to my beloved reader. In this occasion I want to share about the interesting place for recreation. The place is Maharani Cave. read more

Generic Structure of Procedure Text

Procedure Text

       Generic Structure of Procedure Text. Hi my beloved visitor! How are you? After sharing Report Text, Descriptive Text and others, here I will share another kind of text. In this case I will share about Procedure Text. read more

How to Introduce Yourself or Other People

Introduce Yourself

       How to Introduce Yourself or Other People. Maybe you just stand there and don’t really know how to begin when you want to introduce yourself or someone else to an English native speaker. Your intention, however, was to leave a lasting first impression at the beginning of a conversation. read more

Cloud above Majapahit Kingdom

Cloud above Majapahit Kingdom

       Cloud above Majapahit Kingdom. In the 13th century, Majapahit kingdom was at its peak. This kingdom was ruled by Prabu Hayam Wuruk. He was young, intelligent, and brave. He had a smart prime minister whose name was Gajah Mada. The palace of Majapahit was very big. It was very luxurious. Inside of the palace there was a special building called ‘Gedong Pusaka’. It was a house or more precisely a luxurious warehouse to store all the treasure of the kingdom. There were jewelries, gold crown, earrings, gold coins, gold Kris and many other luxurious things. That’s why the building was heavily guarded. There was a high wall surrounding it. The soldiers were on duty inside and outside the wall for twenty four hours a day. All of them were fully armed. It was almost impossible for anyone at that time to get into the Gedong Pusaka. read more

Recreation to BNS Batu Night Spectacular

BNS Batu Night Spectacular

       Recreation to BNS Batu Night Spectacular. Malang city which is the second largest city in East Java, after Surabaya, has its own uniqueness and attractiveness. Lots of unique culinary that you must taste, destination places for recreation such as Panorama of Ngliyep Beach, and also some amazing attractions around the cities. read more

Explanation about Question Tag

Question Tag

      Explanation about Question Tag. A Question tag is a short question at the end of statement. It is mainly used in speech when we want to confirm that something is true or not, or to encourage a reply from the person we are speaking to. read more

Air Nabeez Minuman Kesehatan Rasulullah

Air Nabeez

    Air Nabeez Minuman Kesehatan Rasulullah. Alhamdulillah, shalawat dan salam semoga senantiasa terlimpahkan kepada Nabi Muhammad shollallahu ‘alaihi wasallam, keluarga, sahabat dan seluruh orang muslim yang senantiasa mengagungkan sunnahnya hingga akhir masa. read more

Story of Ande Ande Lumut

Ande Ande Lumut

      Story of Ande Ande Lumut. Once upon a time there were two kingdoms, they were Kingdom of Jenggala and Kingdom of Kediri in which they were actually came from a kingdom called Kahuripan. Before dying, Airlangga stated that the two kingdoms must be reunited again in order to be in peace by marriage between the prince of Jenggala named Panji Asmarabangun and the princess of Kediri named Dewi Sekartaji. This had to be done to prevent war between these two kingdoms.  Panji Asmarabangun was a very handsome prince and Dewi Sekartaji was a very beautiful princess. They were very happy to be married because they loved each other. read more