Nasehat Kematian bagi Jiwa yang Hidup

Nasehat Kematian

       Nasehat Kematian bagi Jiwa yang Hidup. Beberapa waktu yang lalu terjadi musibah pesawat jatuh, helicopter hilang, tabrakan kereta api, bis dan lain-lain yang tidak sedikit memakan korban jiwa meninggal. Atau musibah crane di masjidil Haram menimpah jamaah haji yang menyebabkan mereka wafat, juga terjadi peristiwa mina didepan pintu jamarat yang menyebabkan ratusan jamaah haji juga wafat. Namun bagi kami kematian di Masjidil Haram dan Mina saat menunaikan haji adalah kematian yang Insya Allah sangat diharapkan bagi jamaah haji apapun penyebabnya. read more

Recreation to Prambanan Temple

Recreation to Prambanan Temple

       Recreation to Prambanan Temple. In this occasion I want to share about one of beautiful places for recreation in Klaten (this place is actually near to Yogyakarta. This recreation place is about temple. And the name of temple is Prambanan Temple. This temple is also well-known after you know about Borobudur temple. read more

Definition and Kinds of Pronoun

Kinds of Pronoun

       Definition and Kinds of Pronoun. Hello my dearest visitors, have a nice meeting again. read more

The Story of Cindelaras

The Story of Cindelaras

       The Story of Cindelaras. Long time ago in the island of Java there was a kingdom named Jenggala Kingdom. The kingdom led by Raden Putra. He had a beautiful and kind consort. He also had a beautiful concubine. Contrary to the queen, the concubine had bad personalities. She was jealous with the consort, so she planned to make the consort leave the palace. By doing so, she could be the new consort. read more

Expression and Response of Invitation

Expression of Invitation

       Expression and Response of Invitation. Generally all of us have activities that need to be attended by others. There are many situations that probably happened in our daily life, such as meeting, wedding party, birthday party, graduation party etc. Sometimes, we have such situation in which we have to invite some of friends to come. of course, we have to make an invitation for our guests. There will be two answers for them who are invited by us, they may come or accept the invitation and they may not come or decline or refuse the invitation. read more

Recreation to Selorejo Dam

Recreation to Selorejo Dam

      Recreation to Selorejo Dam. There are many recreation places can be used as alternative of destination for refreshing. They can be natural places or innovation places. Sendang Biru beach and Coban Rondo Waterfall are the examples of natural place for destination. While BNS and WBL are about innovation recreation places. Here I want to share another place for recreation destination. It is Selorejo Dam. read more

Difference Countable and Uncountable Noun

Difference of Countable and Uncountable Noun

       Difference of Countable and Uncountable Noun. After sharing about nouns in the preceded post, now I want to share more about a part of noun classifications. They about countable noun and uncountable noun. read more