Reflection in New Life

Reflection in New Life

Reflection in New Life

When my eyes opened in the dark morning,

They showed me the greatness of God creatures; read more

The Pattern and Function of Future Tense

The Pattern and Function of Future Tense

      The Pattern and Function of Future Tense. After sharing about present and past tense, now it is time for sharing about future tense. read more

Expression and Response of Invitation

Expression of Invitation

       Expression and Response of Invitation. Generally all of us have activities that need to be attended by others. There are many situations that probably happened in our daily life, such as meeting, wedding party, birthday party, graduation party etc. Sometimes, we have such situation in which we have to invite some of friends to come. of course, we have to make an invitation for our guests. There will be two answers for them who are invited by us, they may come or accept the invitation and they may not come or decline or refuse the invitation. read more

Recreation to Selorejo Dam

Recreation to Selorejo Dam

      Recreation to Selorejo Dam. There are many recreation places can be used as alternative of destination for refreshing. They can be natural places or innovation places. Sendang Biru beach and Coban Rondo Waterfall are the examples of natural place for destination. While BNS and WBL are about innovation recreation places. Here I want to share another place for recreation destination. It is Selorejo Dam. read more

Difference Countable and Uncountable Noun

Difference of Countable and Uncountable Noun

       Difference of Countable and Uncountable Noun. After sharing about nouns in the preceded post, now I want to share more about a part of noun classifications. They about countable noun and uncountable noun. read more

Generic Structure of Spoof Text

Spoof Text

       Generic Structure of Spoof Text. Hi my beloved visitor! Have you ever seen one comedy program on TV, Laugh Sketch (in Trans TV) or laughter (in Global TV)? Surely you are familiar with the program. The story-line in the sketch is called Spoof Text. Beginning of the story starts with a scene or a regular occurrence, then towards the end there is a scene or event that is not thought or unpredictable that makes the story funny. read more

The Legend of Mount Kelud

       The Legend of Mount Kelud       The Legend of Mount Kelud. Jenggala Manik was the king of Kediri Kingdom. He had a daughter, her name was Dewi Kilisuci. She was very beautiful. Many young men fell in love with her. However, she always refused their marriage proposals. King Jenggala Manik was sad. He really wanted to see his daughter to get married. read more

Kind of Nouns based on the Classification

Kind of Nouns

       Kind of Nouns based on the Classification. Nouns are simply the names we give to everything around us, whether it is a person, an event, a place or an object, etc. Every particular name used to define something is a noun. E.g. : Amsterdam, Anita, Blackberry, Honesty, Waiter, etc. read more

Asking and Giving Permission

Asking and Giving Permission

       Asking and Giving Permission. It is wise for us to ask permission when we want to start to use something that belongs to someone else or we want to do something, for example if we want to leave the classroom while the studying happens, we need to ask the teacher’s permission. read more

Recreation to Suramadu Bridge

Recreation to Suramadu Beach

      Recreation to Suramadu Bridge. Suramadu (the abbreviation of Surabaya – Madura) is a bridge across the Madura Strait connecting Java and Madura Island. This bridge can be an alternative as recreation destination for tourists. With its total length reaching 5,438 meters, Suramadu Bridge becomes the pride of transportation infrastructure in Indonesia as it is the first and longest bridge to connect two islands and definitely is the next modern landmark of Indonesia after Monas in Jakarta. read more