Giving Instruction and Its Response

Giving Instruction

Giving Instruction and Its Response. Instruction is used when we want someone to do something for us. In giving instruction, we should pay attention to someone whom we are speaking to. So to learn how to give a good instruction, we can follow the following explanations.

Actually instruction is a kind of expression consists of imperative sentence in grammar so the main form of instruction is

(+) Verb 1 + ! (or can be Verb 1 + Complement + !)


Open the book!

Clean the board!

Amir, close your book!

(-) Don’t + Verb 1 + ! ( or can be Don’t + Verb 1 + Complement + !)


Don’t close the window!

Don’t speak loudly, Tina!

Bayu, don’t sit here!

And below are other expression of giving instruction and its response

Giving InstructionResponse
Open the door!

Sit down!

Stand up!

Give me that box!

Be quiet!

Don’t smoke here!

Stop it, I tell!

Don’t disturb me!



All right



Thank you

Of course



However, we can make our instruction more polite by adding “Pleasebefore or after instruction.


Don’t disturb me, please!

Go out, please!

Please study hard!

Please don’t smoke here!

Example in dialogue

Dialogue 1

Teacher    : Hey, Ratna. Come here and help me, please.

Ratna        : Yes, Mom. I’m coming. What should I do for you, Mom?

Teacher   : take a look at my hand phone, will you? It went blank.

Ratna        : Yes, Mom. I will.

  1. b) Dialog 2

Jenny       : Good Morning, this is Yamaha Printer call center.

Young girl: Hello, I need a help. My printer got jammed.

Jenny      : please, turn it off. Wait for a second and turn it on again.

Young girl: OK. Wait a minute.

Jenny       : Does it print again?

Young girl: yes, it does. Thank you.

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