Facebook Friend Chronology

Facebook Friend Chronology

Facebook Friend Chronology

        This is about Facebook Story entitled “Facebook Friend Chronology” in which the story is about the chronology of someone in common having special friends via Facebook or other social media. However, this is just in my note so maybe it is right but it may be wrong. And this story is just for fun. (also readPAIN BEHIND A LOST LOVE)

Below is the Facebook Friend Chronology:

  • When a boy wants to have a new friend or a special friend from Facebook, he ADDs a girl as friend.
  • Then the girl APPROVEs him.
  • Then they WRITE something on wall each other.
  • After that, each does INTRO for making their friendship closer.
  • They then have EVERYDAY CHATTING. Wow, they have been a close friend.
  • After to be a close friend, they ASK and give each for PHONE NUMBER.
  • When they have got phone number, both of them then SEND MESSAGES each other.
  • And it is continued in CALLING on the PHONE.
  • They have a DATE for MEETING because in their mind it is not enough for them if only calling on the phone.
  • On the meeting each other, they express LOVE.
  • For this, their status on Facebook is grown up to be RELATIONSHIP STATUS.
  • Yeah, they often go at a favorite HANGOUT.
  • Unfortunately, they are too young that they get MISUNDERSTANDING.
  • They often FIGHT each other.
  • They BREAK UP. How pity they are!
  • One of them make UNFRIEND on the Facebook.
  • Finally, they BLOCK each other on Facebook status.
  • That’s from ONE to NONE.
  • And we know that this is THE END of the story.

        That’s all the story about Facebook Friend Chronology we can share in this occasion. In this post we don’t arrange the story in paragraph in order to make our post feel different of previous posts. We hope that story about Facebook Friend Chronology above can amuse us. (also read : The Shadow of Dark Death)

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