Education Words Facebook Update Status

Education Words Facebook Update Status

Education Words Facebook Update Status

        Facebook is able to be an alternative to express of someone’s feeling. However, sometimes we feel difficult to construct our feeling become words. For this, in this occasion I want to share some wise words about Education Words Facebook Update Status. These wise words or quotes can help the reader to update status on Facebook or send SMS or WhatsApp or BBM and others. (also read : Feeling Alone Words for Update Status in Facebook)

Below are quotes about Education Words Facebook Update Status:

  1. Kindness begets kindness.
  2. Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
  3. Learn to walk before you run.
  4. It is better to be careful beforehand than to try to solve a problem after it has arisen.
  5. If you keep your mouth shut, you won’t put your foot in it.
  6. Do as I saw, and not as I do.
  7. A contract is fair as long as both the parties understand and agree to the conditions willingly, after a deal is closed neither side can turn around and say that he was unfairly treated.
  8. People tend to repeat mistakes made by others over the generations, not learning from them.
  9. No man is so useful to others that people cannot do without him.
  10. However, tempted you may be to retaliate, try not to because revenge is a negative pursuit.
  11. Learn as much as you can from life.
  12. It is better to teach people how to be independent by teaching them how to do things for themselves than to do everything for them.
  13. Live within your income, don’t be too ambitious in your plans.
  14. The way you dress tells people something about you, and can influence their opinion of you.
  15. Those people who have a little knowledge usually talk the most and make the greatest fuss.
  16. Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard.
  17. Unhappy people seem to like to make others unhappy too.
  18. Take care of the details and the bigger issues will be solved.
  19. No two persons are alike, everyone has his own preferences, likes and dislikes.
  20. You need not be long-winded when speaking to intelligent people or those who understand you well.
  21. Do not ride the high horse.
  22. Crimes and wickedness are associated with money.
  23. Unpleasant events can sometimes lead to better things.
  24. Do not change things that are working fine as they are.
  25. Hope is the last thing that we lose.
  26. If you persevere at something, you will gradually accomplish it.
  27. Do what you advise others to do.
  28. A bad experience or a horrifying incident may scar one’s attitude or thinking for a lifetime.
  29. Little enemies and little wounds must not be despised.
  30. When there is no news, it is likely that everything is all right.
  31. Chance favors the prepared mind.
  32. The more you learn, the greater influence you have over others.
  33. Hope is life.
  34. Do not rush into things before you are ready.
  35. Poverty is no crime.
  36. Discord breaks up families.
  37. A good reputation is precious, difficult to earn and cannot be bought.
  38. Those without knowledge should not try to teach the ignorant.
  39. Do not cross a bridge till you come to it.
  40. You can pretend to be rich, famous etc. by dressing the part.
  41. Items of good quality may be expensive, but they will last you a long time.
  42. Hard words break no bones.
  43. He that plants thorns must never expect to gather roses.
  44. Every bird loves to listen to himself sing.
  45. A hint or suggestion can be accepted and acted upon without further elaboration.
  46. It is only normal for man to make mistakes and do wrong, but for one to forgive another for his wrong is indeed great and gracious act.
  47. What has been said cannot be taken back, so think before you speak.
  48. It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
  49. Better to be alone than in bad company.

        That’s all the quotes or wise words about Education Words Facebook Update Status I can share. Hopefully the quotes about Education Words Facebook Update Status above can be useful for everyone. (also read : GREETING AND WELCOME TO RAMADHAN)

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